The biggest love

declaration for Romania

About the project

The biggest love declaration for Romania

Romanian Achievements Collection adds yet another successful project. Petrom along with Titi Aur and his team write “LOVE ROMANIA” on the country’s map!


Petrom launches the first campaign through which we show our pride for all that’s great in Romania. Romanian talent, national projects, unique places in the country, local art and authentic products are all gathered in the Romanian Achievements Collection.


Since Romania is such an amazing country, filled with achievements, we’ve decided to declare our love to it, adding yet another meaningful projects to the Romanian Achievements Collection.

Along with Titi Aur and the best driving instructors from his school, accompanied by 5 of the best Romanian bloggers, we hit the road. In a DACIA Logan motorcade, we drive around the country, connecting tens of Petrom filling stations between them, in order to form the “LOVE ROMANIA” message on the map.

Each moment of the 4627 km expedition can be followed online right here, on the website.

Every day, the bloggers keep you informed about what’s up on the track and in the cars. From the best-trained drivers, we find out more about the passion for driving and how to discover a country when you hold the wheel.

Come to greet Petrom team in filing stations!

If you want to be closer to the ones who write “LOVE ROMANIA” on the map, come to Petrom filling stations to meet them and take autographs from the entire team. See HERE where they stop next and come to leave your signature on the cars they travel in all around the country.

Win a defensive driving training!

For the ones who come in Petrom filling stations to support another Romanian achievement, we have prepared a special contest. They can win a defensive driving training at Titi Aur’s School, by lucky draw, in stations (See their track).

Be a copilot in Titi Aur’s team!

You most surely have dreamt about being in car with a driving master. Now is your chance to do this for real. Enter the app on Petrom and leave a supportive message for Petrom team. Stay connected to find out if you’re the next copilot to hit the road!

We might have opened your appetite for driving. Click here to download your favorite parts of the “LOVE ROMANIA” track. Fill up with Romanian products from the special stands in Petrom stations and follow the footsteps of the first one hundred percent Romanian team who made the biggest love declaration for Romania.

Win a DACIA LOGAN per day!

Once you get to Petrom stations, fill up in value of 50 Lei and enter the lucky draw for one of the 65 DACIA LOGAN cars. Every day, another car finds its winner. Keep an eye on the LVE lucky draws on and see if you’re one of the winners of the current week.