The biggest love

declaration for Romania


We're on

After a not so long driving, we are closing day one of "Love Romania" in Voineasa. We have arrived just before it got completely dark, so we had a lovely road on Olt Valley and, then, Lotru Valley.
The complete journey was: Bucharest – Pitești – Rămnicu Vălcea – Brezoi – Voineasa. A total of 250 relaxed and very pleasant kilometers. Adrian Berghea, instructor at Titi Aur Defensive Driving School, gave us some practical lessons regarding the defensive driving, between stories about World Cup Rally and about other driving adventures. We are all ears when Adi speaks.

Răzvan Baciu told us a lot about his filming drone and tomorrow we will see it in action, in the surroundings of Voineasa and lake Vidra. The first day was light and it was the proper start.  
We also have a tip. Try to find the book "How to become a champion". It was written by Petre Cristea, the first and only Romanian to ever win the legendary Monte Carlo Rally. This was in 1936, when he drove his modified Ford V8 from Athens to Monte Carol to win the special stage and the first place overall.