The biggest love

declaration for Romania


In Hațeg Country

We started the day with a very early breakfast and than we hit the road. The plan was clear: a stop at Vidra lake where Răzvan would let his drone fly, then we give a prize in Deva and we stop in Oradea. On the paper it is easier that in real life, as the second day of "Love Romania" proved to be quite a long one. 

The drone is itself a character, and we should refer to it as to a member of the team. In fact, Răzvan's drone has it's own Facebook page. The weather was on our side and the fog from Voineasa disapeared as we got closer to Vidra lake. Here, Răzvan needed just a few minutes to prepare his drone to film. We liked it so much, that we made a new and unscheduled stop on the course of the special stage of Deva Rally. The mellow hills of Hațeg country have been flew over and filmed, together with the two Dacia Logan and the team "Love Romania". Until the movies will be ready, you can have a taste of what a flying camera can do from the picture bellow.  

In Deva we stoped to give a prize - a class of defensive driving at Titi Aur School. It didn't take us too long to have a winner, that will be announced very soon. We will be doing the same thing Saturday in Oradea. 

The pleasure of driving means nothing with prevention. Adi, our trusted driver and instructor, had a lesson for today about the safe distance to be kept from the vehicle in front of us. And that is of minimum two seconds, that are easy to measured. You have to take a landmark on the side of the road and count how many seconds are gone until the car in front of you pass the same landmark. You don't have to look at the watch to count the seconds, but to count "one mississippi, two mississippi". The distance should be bigger if it is dark, is the road is wet, and your car is heavy loaded and, in general, if for any reason you might stop harder then in general. 

Todays we had a 375km drive, on the route Voineasa - Petroșani - Hațeg - Deva - Brad - Buteni - Sebiș - Beliu - Tinca - Oradea, with two solitary and amazingnly beautiful parts (Voineasa - Petroșani and Buteni - Oradea).