The biggest love

declaration for Romania

About The Petrom Crew

The biggest love declaration for Romania

Romanian Achievements Collection adds yet another successful project. Petrom along with Titi Aur and his team write “LOVE ROMANIA” on the country’s map!


Titi Aur

Since 1986 he has been making us proud to be Romanian. That year he made his debut in Brasov Rally, driving a Romanian car – Dacia 1300.

His passion for driving can be seen outside the competitions as well. He is known to be one of the best trainers in defensive driving in Romania. The proof? 15 years of preparing over 20 000 trainees at his school. A place where you learn not only to be a better driver, but how to be more wired to traffic situations also.

Adrian Berghea

If you have a passion for motorsport, you might know him as one of the best navigators to evolve in the National Rally Championship. Two times National Champion and a participant in WRC, with laps all over the world (Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Australia, New Zeeland). He is the owner of about a billion stories and has seen just as many places. Besides, he is a great teacher when it comes to his passion. Also, he is one of the best instructors at Titi Aur’s School which he joined in 2010.

Silviu Moraru

Silviu, our new pilot, is yet another Romanian Champion. His experience in the National Rally Championship spans over 20 years, both as pilot and navigator. He owns 3 National Champion titles – 1 as a pilot and 2 as copilot for Titi Aur. In 2010 he became instructor at Titi Aur’s School. Behind the wheel of our Dacia Logan, he makes everything look effortless and he has the tendency of arriving on time. He gained our trust after crossing Bucharest with ease and confidence, on a Monday with heavy traffic.

Doru Panaitescu

What happens when you leave home with a man who hasn\’t spent one weekend at home in the last 10 years? Well, only cool stuff. Doru knows where you can have a great meal, what caves you can visit, where you can see vipers and spot deers, but his passion unleashes when he talks about birds and food. Entrepreneur, trainer, team-building organizer, cook…You can find out more about him here

Alex Ciucă (Hoinaru)

He began to spend his time online back in 1999. An early-adopter, considering he was 11 years old at the time. He earned his first money online when he was only 17. He is a great supporter of FC Liverpool, a fan of Leo Burnett (the man) and of Frank Sinatra. His studies include Central School, ADC*RO School and the Faculty of Letters. More about him and his projects on

Răzvan Baciu

Olympic in Informatics, from Vaslui, Razvan spent 11 years at Microsoft Romania, before launching – the website that made him well-known in online. He is convinced that he expresses himself better in images, which is why he takes lots of pictures and shoots videos, including with a drone – that has its own Facebook page. A car passionate, he even owns a car that could enter a N category rally. Yes, the car has its own Facebook page too.

Oltea Zambori

Nebuloasa comes from Sibiu and her real name is Oltea. She grew up in a mountain area, close to Paltinis, which is why she loves the solitude of the mountains and hates crowded places. She is forever in love with her native town, but so disappointed with the locals. Her blog appeared on the radar in 2008, but she has been surfing the net since 1997. She is passionate for discovering new places, joyful people and Romanian quality stuff. In 2010, she decided to work exclusively online.

Adi Mihălțianu (Xplorio)

He is Chief Editor for ProMotor, one of the initiators of, blogger on since 2005. A true passionate when it comes to finding the story of every place he visits. He loves to be on the road and he likes the feeling of a new discovery, but he is also a true researcher of the places he is about to explore. The stories he knows and shares with everyone are fabulous and he has the great gift of making the right connections between historical periods, people and places, serving you the whole picture. So much better than an Encyclopedia!